Luxury eating at the comfort of your home.

Enjoy food that the most expensive restaurants might serve, except they are made by you, at home and with little effort.

oven roasted sweet potatoes

Grow your own food

sweet potatoe leaves

Learn how to grow some of your own food and then use the vegetables, herbs, and sprouts you grew in these time-saving and affordable recipes.

Discover new taste

home made food

Look through the interesting recipe choices and indeed you will discover a range from traditional to contemporary, but all of them affordable and surprisingly, not time consuming.

Hometown Flavor

Kale can be roasted and will look mouth watering with blackened edges and it will bring out that familiar country roasted flavor you remember from your grandmother’s kitchen.

sweet and white potato
sweet and white potato
kale leaves with turmeric and ginger
roasted bell peppers with shiitake mushrooms
Kuglof Gugelhupf
Kuglof / Gugelhupf