Time is precious! Treasure it, organise your time, save time by preparing meals in bulk for 2-3 days do smart food shopping, have some snack and drink and alot water before go to food shopping. Last time you went to shopping hungry and bought double amount of food, made unnecessary hole in your budget and stayed in shopping even longer, then you come home and grub something quickly because you couldn’t wait until you prepare your food. Or even worse, after paying your trolley full with groceries, you stop by near restaurant to get something to eat because you were starving….but you have to wait until they cook it for you, and food in your trolley start to trow, ice cream melt……and you were counting inside your had how come you end up spending so much…..all this because you went shopping hungry, so remember ‘eat, take 10 min to eat before you go to shopping…take with you weekly food menu (shopping list) and do not look around what is new (not every time when you in the shopping)
therefore make good habit to have in the fridge container with bite size snack.