What You Are Really Missing Out On

What are you really missing out on when you eat processed foods? What are you missing when you don’t shop local? First of all, those nutrients that are lost or reduced because of processing or over farming. It is a lot of work but have you ever thought of creating your own garden. Gardens are difficult to get started and keep up if you are not used to growing your own food but the benefits of growing your own food are irreplaceable. First of all there is basically no feeling at all when you go into a grocery store and pick out a tomato, but when you go out to your garden and see a big juicy tomato that has just come to the perfect time to harvest you are so proud and excited. All of the hard work you have put into the garden is now being rewarded. Another great reason to buy local first.

Gardening Anywhere

For first time gardeners, you will find that you can create a garden anywhere. As long as you can get water to the plants and the plants of access to the sun, even just part of the day, you can grow where ever you want. There has been a t.v. campaign that is pushing for more urban gardens so that big cities are less dependent on farmed food. Gardening can be done in pots out on a landing, an organized roof garden, a community garden, and the traditional home garden. During WWII, there were gardens known as victory gardens, named so that the troops would get more fresh food availability.

  • Gardens can go anywhere
  • Self maintained
  • More rewarding

What’s the Benefit?

One of the greatest benefit of growing your own food, is knowing that what you are eating is fresh, high in vitamins and minerals, and you planted it, cared for it, and harvested yourself. Because you have the choice of when something is harvested, the food is usually  able to stay on the vine or in the ground a few days longer than those at the grocery staore. This optimizes the quality of the fruit or vegetable in both nutrients and flavor. A home gardener has the ability to let their fruits and vegetables to fully mature before harvest because there is no concern for getting this product out to the market on time.

photo credit: In-n-out 3×3 Burger via photopin (license)