Basic Skills That Will Wow Your Guests

You’ve been learning to actually use your kitchen to make tasty little tidbits and now you are ready to play. You want to have a party, that is no problem, you got this! Basic skills can make you look like a professional in the kitchen. Knowing what ingredients are traditionally paired, using fresh ingredients that you buy fresh locally, and self-experimentation has now prepared you for the culinary surprises your guest are about to enjoy. There are so many recipes you can create with just the basic of skills. Be confident, a little daring, and perfect your own take on traditional dishes. Just get to it!

A Basic Menu

Well you can’t exactly server scrambled eggs to six of your friends. They are going to be expecting a little more at a dinner party. By the way, chips and frozen dinners are not on the agenda tonight. Now that you have been cooking for a little bit, you are going to want to show off your mad skills. You should already have the fresh ingredients available to you to create a delectable dinner. Spaghetti or pasta is a very good menu item when first starting out. By now you should know how to make a basic tomato sauce from scratch. Now you just have to match that up with a couple of more courses and a dessert and you will be set! In my house we traditionally have a basic salad, but you can choose to make your own out of fresh ingredients you might find at the farmer’s market to buy local. (Hopefully that is where you got your tomatoes for the sauce.) Anything green can come together to make a nice salad, add a little mozzarella curd, topped off with a simple vinaigrette and you are going to become your friends culinary hero. Next you might want to add a nice squash souffle and the extremely easy, very popular garlic bread.

  • Basic skills coupled with fresh ingredients equals success
  • Basic sauces made by you will wow and awe
  • Stay away from frozen and prepackaged foods.

Dinner Was Great, What’s for Dessert?

This is where your basic cooking skills can truly shine like a diamond! If your guests like chocolate, here is a great idea for dessert-mousse. Mousse is light, fluffy, airy, chocolate heaven and it’s easy to make. It’s as simple as cooking a batch of chocolate pudding, letting it cool, and very gently fold in whipped cream. You can choose to top this with a thinly sliced orange placed just so alongside a berry like a gold mulberry for aesthetics. Your guests will be complimenting you for quite a while after such a now notorious meal.
photo credit: Crushed Tomatos via photopin (license)