Learn How to Cook Online

Did you never learn to cook and now you are having a group of people over for dinner? What are you going to do? Don’t worry about it. You can find anything online, including how to cook. There are as many websites on how to cook as there are recipes, so finding one should not be too difficult. Just write how to cook in the search bar and you can have your pick. There are free how to cook web sites available as well as full courses that you pay for. So, even if you had that group over tonight, you will still be able to prepare a home cooked meal for your small local business.

The Tools of the Trade.

As first time cooks will need to become familiar with the tools of the trade. As the saying goes, buy local buy fresh. Measuring spoons, measuring cups, sifters, cutters, mixers, mixing bowls, rubber spatulas, pastry cutters, thermometers, double boilers, and the list goes on. The cooking site you choose should go over with you which of these utensils you will need and how to use them. This should be the first thing a site goes over because if you have never cooked before you may not know. I have found that in this fast food, frozen dinner world is that some people do not know how to use the basic cooking utensils.

  • Decide which site is right for you
  • Learn about utensils and how to use them
  • Learn the safe way to prepare food

What You Will Want to Learn

There are certain dishes that new cooks will not have the required skills sets yet developed, so go simple. When looking for a cooking web site that suits you needs, please consider one that will show you the proper way to prepare food. For example, raw meat should never meet raw vegetables on your preparation surfaces. This is to prevent food borne illnesses. This type of information should be covered on the site you have chosen. Spaghetti is a good first meal to choose from. It is basic and very easy to prepare (even if you are making your own sauce). Whatever you choose to cook, watch, learn, repeat, and most of all enjoy. Cooking can be a great stress reliever!

photo credit: tacos at tacolicious : cafeteria district, west mission, san francisco (2013) via photopin (license)