Cauliflower, the New Black

The breakout food this season is cauliflower. The popularity of cauliflower has blossomed because of the diversity of the vegetable. Not only are there a lot of ways to cook cauliflower, but also to substitute for other things. I have heard of some mothers who shop local taking the potato out of mashed potatoes and serving up mashed cauliflower instead. Sure, with the right seasoning I guess you can fool people. As for me, I like cauliflower and have always been a fan. No other vegetable is so versatile and still taste good raw or cooked. This is truly becoming fad becoming a full time staple.

Ways to Cook Cauliflower

What are some of the ways to prepare cauliflower? When you buy fresh buy local. Great tasting local cauliflower can be found at your local farmer’s market. There is the basic cut raw cauliflower placed next to some vegetable dip, or simply cooked and drained with some cheese being added. Recently a chef prepared an entire head of cauliflower in the oven, creating a very visually interesting version of this old standby. Cauliflower is making its move in the fried food section of your kitchen as well, being dipped in batter, deep fat fried and served with vegetable dip. Cauliflower is being served up as a no carb crust for pizza and a healthy alternative to greasy chicken wings in an imitation of Buffalo wings. It is just crazy how many times cauliflower can replace or replicate.

  • Deep fat fried
  • Replaces starchy foods in many ways
  • New ways to eat cauliflower everyday

No More Carbohydrate Filled Foods

Everyone knows that there are food fads every year or so. In recent times it was the mango, now cauliflower is being hailed as this season’s food of the year. Personally, I like cauliflower, I find that depending on how it is prepared there is a distinct nutty flavor to the cauliflower. Because of the versatility of cauliflower it has become quite popular. Cauliflower, not just for vegans any more. Until recently, I knew of only two ways to prepare cauliflower: boiled or raw. That was it, it never occurred to me to boil it down, mash it up, and put it as a substitute in just about starch filled food.

photo credit: Cauli Fleur via photopin (license)