Old Favorites, New Tricks

Are you looking for a new way to prepare some of your old favorite dishes? Did you remember to buy local? Then here are a few new tricks that you can use to change it up. Simple ways to enhance the flavor of your dishes is to change up some of the ingredients. Where a recipe calls for margarine or oil, exchange it for butter. Butter adds a deepness in dimension which you can’t get from margarine. Granted butter has more fat, but it is actually easier for your body to digest.

Flavoring up

You can go one step further and purchase pre-spiced butter pats. Shop local! You’d be surprised what you can find in your own farmer’s market. There are a number on the market today and they are an easy way to spice up an old recipe. Of course, you could choose to flavor the butter yourself. Find a new flavor that you think you will like and then add that to butter, this will give you a supply of garlic butter on hand for those occasions that you want to pep up some mashed potatoes or make some garlic bread. There are flavored garlic now on the market.Variations of garlic flavors can expand your cooking options exponentially.

  • Reinvent old recipes
  • Experiment to find the flavor for you
  • Expand off new uses

It Just Got Better

Garlic butter can add an extra twist to scrambled eggs in the morning, and though that is not a new trick, the flavored garlic is. Along with a redefined garlic bread with your spaghetti dinner, you can upgrade the flavor of your spaghetti noodles by melting some of the garlic butter on the noodles. Not meaning to go too far with the garlic and spaghetti, but there are Italian cooks out there that insist the meat is what makes the dish, (personally I think they are right) so during the cooking process of the meat or meatballs you can add garlic butter in.

photo credit: calamari via photopin (license)