Busy modern schedules are making it increasingly harder for people to eat healthy and statistics show that the average family tends to fall back on fast food and other unhealthy options at meal times. One important strategy that people in these situations can use to ensure that they are getting enough nutrients and a great tool in combating the undesirable effects of poor food choices is the weekly meal plan.

Weekly meal planning simply refers to the process of determining what you will eat during the week in order to avoid having to fall back on last minute choices that do not provide you with sufficient nutrition that contributes to overall health.

Below are five good reasons to consider incorporating weekly meal planning into your lifestyle;

1. Weekly meal planning saves time

Knowing what meals you have to prepare ahead of time helps you to come up with a grocery list of the ingredients for each meal so that you are not frantically rushing around trying to figure out what to prepare for dinner. Having recipes and ingredients on hand will ensure that you can whip up a healthy meal in no time and avoid wasting time that can be used on other valuable projects.

2. Weekly meal planning allows you to eat healthier.

You can deliberately make the choice to incorporate healthier ingredients into your recipes instead of having to rely on unhealthy fast food choices or being forced to create quick cooking meals loaded with fat and salt in order to ensure that dinner is on the table on time. A weekly meal plan will help you to know the ingredients needed for healthy meals and shop in advance for these for the preparation of nutritious and tasty dishes.

3. Weekly meal planning is cost effective.

Planning your meals in advance means that you will no longer be forced to dine out when you discover you do not have the ingredients to prepare meals at home. You can shop for all the ingredients you need for a week’s worth of meals, and prepare these in good time to avoid having to eat out at unhealthy and pricey restaurants.
Weekly meal planning is a cost effective, time saving and healthy way to ensure that you and your family get to eat tasty and nutritional foods that will contribute to your overall health and even help to forge stronger family ties as you will finally have the time to sit down and enjoy delicious homemade dishes together.