Local Dives With Amazing Dishes

If you would like to expand your palate and get away from those prepackaged, frozen and precooked foods often found in big chain or franchised restaurants, then you should consider going off the beaten bath. Go try one of the mom and pop businesses that you see everywhere. These places are usually small and basic as far as the furnishings come but they often come with some of the most amazing dishes. Most small local businesses do. The restaurant setting may be no frills, the thrills are found in the amazing dishes. If you are still reticent to trying an off the beaten path restaurant, go by during lunch or dinner on a Friday. If they are busy then it is safe to assume that it is a good place to eat. Or, you could just look them up on the internet. Remember to buy local first!

Out of the Way and Off the Beaten Path

You might want to expand the distance you would usually go to find that little jewel of a dinner. Often times the little towns surrounding larger cities will have the best food. There are several restaurants I can recommend about a half an hour east of Kansas City in a town called Holden. If you are in the mood for some good old fashioned home meals, Annie’s 58 is the place to go. Annie’s is located off 300 E. 10th St. Holden, MO, just off of 58 highway. The restaurant is named in memory of a cherished family pet. Here is where the owners Dana and Scott Williams have some of the best, old-fashioned home cooked style meals.

  • Be adventurous
  • Get to know the people
  • Try the specials of the day

You’re Not Going to Leave Hungry

The portions are large and it doesn’t really matter what you choose to eat, it is going to be good anyway. Some of the local favorites that they cook is the best country fried chicken, country fried steak, and pork tenderloins that I have eaten at a restaurant in years. The fries are cut fresh every day. The dishes are the basic meat and potatoes, but they are amazing. If you are lucky enough to get in before all of the pies are gone, they are the perfect ending to the meal. All of the pies are freshly, hand made by Dana. On Sundays, the traditional fried chicken dinner is offered on a first come first serve basis. Annie’s 58 is definitely worth the trip.

photo credit: Suajata Vegetarian Restaurant via photopin (license)